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LED Display Board

As we step into the feature, Technology plays a crucial role. We develop and Manufacture smart LED boards for communication, entertainment, and promotional purpose. Our range is known for effectively meeting the business promotion demand of various industries. There are lots of features are available in our LED boards that allow a user to play various video signals, switching to a different source at any time just at your fingertips.

Information that has to be made available to a large number of people in a short time requires an appropriate and suitable medium, such as an LED scrolling text, LED video wall, or LED large display. As a developer, manufacturer, and dealer of electronic information and display systems certified according to ISO9001:2008, we are the ideal partner in this field and can look back on years of industry experience

PixelDiode, We are the Leading Led Display Board Manufacturers in Hyderabad.

PixelDiode had a reliable name in supplying high quality LED Display Board. We design and manufacture in accordance with the changing trends and technological advancement, our range is known for effectively meet the business promotion demands of varied industries.

In the series of our product range, we are also supplying an extensive array of Outdoor Full Color LED Screen. Precision designed by the qualified engineers at our vendor’s unit, these displays are appreciated for their high picture quality and brightness level.

In India regional language is as widely spoken as English, technology has to be compatible with regional languages. PixelDiode led display Board supports many languages, allowing a message sender to advertise or transmit the message effectively.

PixelDiode, led display Board is available in Single Color & multi-colors. One of the key features is we allow to control the display via WiFI network, this mechanism works by Android Mobile application. This solution is an excellent problem solver for the transportation industry. Retails shops, Buses, trains, or private cab services can display location on the display, it can also the showplace of destination. The public transport system can be greatly benefited by this solution.


LED screens installed at bus/train terminals can show ETA (Expected time of arrival), ETD (Expected Time of Departure), any delays, schedules, etc.

Led Display installed at Retails shop Can show the Business details, today’s offers, Contact Detail etcThe content running on LED Display is mostly in motion. PixelDiode Led Displays is made up of true-color LED modules. LED Displays also incorporates some attractive animation to showcase impactful messages.  There are various symbols used such as up arrow, down arrow.

This Led Display shows rising stock rates in green color & it uses red color for the stocks which is losing its value. A similar kind of solution is used in National Stock Exchanges.

Choose The Perfect Outdoor LED Display Screen

At PixelDiode, We offer P10 SMD Outdoor led Display, P8 SMD Outdoor Led Display, P6 SMD Led Display Indoor/Outdoor Screen, P4.8 SMD Led Display Indoor/Outdoor Screen.

Nowadays LED Outdoor display is becoming more popular, the best solution for a wide variety of outdoor advertisements solution. Most of the Advertisement Company is now buying LED Display as it is the most energy-efficient and they have the longest lifespan compare to the other nearest competing technology. These LED Displays produce high-quality Pictures with a wide range of characteristics. They are Large, sleek design and steady-state light.

The only negative mark it has scored in the pricing section as compared to the other normal Ads media the price range of these Displays is very high. But consider the fact that it has the longest lifespan. The best example of high quality LED outdoors Display in parking lots, Railway Station, Shopping malls.

Pixel Pitches Outdoor Led Video Wall


10 mm true color LED outdoor, an RGB display is made up of individual SMD LED’s with the configuration of 1R1G1B with a distance of 10 mm from the center of one Led to another. They are completely waterproof displays having ingress protection of IP 66 at the front and IP 56 at the back. Typical viewing distances are 10 meters. These displays are very rugged in nature and generate very high brightness.  So, can view the video easily under direct sunlight.

P10 is the most common product for outdoor displays with medium viewing distances. Common applications of these displays are LED hoardings, stadium screens, and Concert background boards, and building walls. These can be customized to make any Size displays which can be installed in the center of outdoor common areas to serve as an architectural masterpiece.

Typical Viewing Distance

P6, P8, and P10 outdoor video wall displays are typically installed above shop fronts, on the streets, and in parks for entertainment.


Outdoor Led Display

Outdoor Led Display

Full-Color Indoor and Outdoor LED Video Wall RGB with WiFi

We have gathered huge recognizance by developing a highly demanded LED Outdoor Display. The offered display boards come with a rustproof frame which makes it the best-suited product for all year-long marketing campaigns. Ideal to be used at showrooms, commercial buildings, and stadiums.

Our vast industrial excellence has enabled us to manufacture highly reliable Commercial Outdoor Displays. The offered range of displays is specially fabricated by keeping the economic concerns of the commercial sectors. Designed for creating banners, billboards, and signs the offered display boards are carefully developed under strict quality supervision and can be ordered from us with a minimum of 50 square feet order quantity.

At PixelDiode, We offer P10 SMD Outdoor led Video Wall, P8 SMD Outdoor Led Video Wall, P6 SMD Indoor / Outdoor  Led Video Wall, P4.8 SMD Indoor/Outdoor Led Video Wall, P4 SMD Indoor Led Video Wall, P2.5 SMD Indoor Led Video Wall.

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