Full Color LED Scrolling Display Board RGB with WiFi
February 14, 2021
LED Scrolling Display Board
February 14, 2021
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LED Scrolling Display Board with Wifi

*Brightness, Display speed, Letter, Color, Font, and letter size are adjustable
*Multiple effect Static, Scrolling, Rotating, Twisting, etc.
*Programming Mobile app Operate through WiFi
*Multiple Language Supported
*USB +wifi Support: Win8/WinXP/ Win7/ W10 Android phone
*Made for outdoor fully waterproof
1/4 duty scan drive
 Brightness:3500nits to 4500nits
 Max Power Consumption: 20W
 DC 5V Voltage Input
 Constant Voltage Drive
 IP65 Waterproof
 1W Pixel Configuration
 High Viewing Angle
 High Contrast Ratio with a perfect louver/cove

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