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What exactly is an LED screen?

An LED Screen is similar to a large television or computer display. The screen is constructed from a large number of small LEDs (light emitting diodes) that are closely spaced. Each LED emits three colours: red, green, and blue, which combine to produce a variety of colours as needed. From a distance, you don't notice the individual LEDs; instead, you see an image formed by all of the LEDs working and changing colour in order.

What are the distinctions between real, actual, and virtual pixel pitches?

A virtual pixel pitch was a term used to describe previous LED screen technology that used shared LEDs to create virtual pixels. While this sounds good, it did not much improve the picture. A virtual pixel pitch is one-half the size of a genuine or actual pixel pitch. As a result, a simulated 10mm pixel pitch LED screen becomes a 20mm pixel pitch LED screen.

Why would you choose an LED screen over an LCD screen?

LED screens are a fundamentally different technology from LCD screens, and they serve an entirely different purpose. LCD panels are primarily intended for small-scale interior near viewing. LED screens are intended for large-scale, high-impact projects that will be used outside in direct sunlight.

What size are LED screens?

LED screens can be assembled in a variety of ways. They are actually made up of a number of separate panels or modules. The panels can be linked in any shape or size to form the desired screen. 

How can I figure out what pixel pitch I need for my led display?

Pixel pitch indicates the distance between each light, for example, P5 implies 5mm between each LED, therefore the higher the pixel pitch (i.e., the greater the spacing between LEDs), the more transparent the LED screen. However, there are two more variables to consider when selecting the best transparent LED display for your application: the showing content's resolution and the most frequent viewing distance of your display. When watching from a distance, P10 will provide adequate resolution and maximum transparency (68 percent). The P5 has the highest resolution and 75 percent transparency for close-up viewing. P8 is a middle-of-the-road solution that allows for both distant and close-up viewing of your  display Screen.

What exactly is Pixel Pitch?

The pixel pitch is the distance between the centre of an LED (or the set of LEDs that comprise a pixel) and the next neighbouring LED. The smaller this distance, the closer all of the LEDs on the screen are together, and the higher the resolution — implying a more detailed image. As a result, a lower pixel pitch number indicates a higher resolution than a higher pixel pitch number.

What is the distinction between an LED TV and an LED Screen?

An LED TV (or LED backlit LCD) is a regular LCD monitor (such as a flat screen LCD television or computer monitor) with LEDs positioned behind the LCD instead of a traditional light source. It's a little deceptive, so be careful!

How can I know which screen is best for me?

There are a few considerations that will determine which screen and size will be best for your event. These include how near your audience is to the screen, the size of your audience, and whether your event is indoors or outside. The simplest choice is to phone us at 6309521276 and we will assist you in making your decision.

What can I display on my LED Display?

We can assist you in displaying whatever you want on your screen. Connect a laptop to display presentations, films, and slideshows. We can accept live video feeds and signals from your computers, vision mixers, or any other output device, such as CV, VGA, HDMI, DVI, SDI, HD-SDI, and others.

Is it possible to programme my LED display remotely?

Installing third-party software allows you to remotely programme your PixelDiode display signs.

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