House of Worship


Engage Your Congregation With Visually Impactful Worship Experiences.

In today's environment modern day visual technology has become an exceptional area for the congregation. Nowadays LED's are have become extra affordable and are to be had everywhere. Most of the worship houses in India are upgrading to LED's to there worship production as a tool to communicate a message, news, and worship. In India, many of the worship places like Temple, Gurudwara, Mosque, Churches and other Devotional places where the worship are being done LED's are becoming a go-to-solution to spread their message both internally and externally. In India, LED board are used in a temple to display the worship timing whereas LED are used in churches for display song lyrics, sermon points, and roadside digital LED sign to display the announcement to those passing by. LED are a very effective way to communicate and are very affordable too.

How can you use LED in a House of Worship?

  • Promote events and times
  • Projection Replacement
    • Concourse signage
    • Attract Attention
      • Stage Design Element
        • Greet your congregation


    To attract the most of the visitor to the congregation LED lights to play a vital role in that, LED walls can attract attention and increase interaction while serving to reinforce your message. We can engage these LED board for different purposes to capture the attention of your congregation is one of the most important ways to create the impactful and memorable worship of all time. What are you doing in a different way to create that experience?


    LED produce the brightest light than the other light which is used in video display technology, and it usually required half of the power. The best thing about the LED's are their lifespan, it can last up to 50,00 hours and consume a very little amount of electricity which helps to save a large amount of money. Replace your old video displays with LED displays which are affordable, efficient and effective.


    LED display provides the freedom to reconfigure your message as much as you want to fit your message. At PicelDiode we produce large-format LED display in a variety of resolution, providing clear and detailed image display. These LED displays are very easy to use and maintained with low cost of a budget. We create awesome LED display's that capture the eye of the people who are passing by and helps project your message in an unforgettable way.


    At PixelDiode our technical staff will take care of all the stuff that needs to be done and we understand every need of our customer. That’s why we offer 24/7 Technical help, a ----12 months product service warranty, and contract options with everyone in every of our LED display merchandise. Our services are spread all over India and you can seek our help either by contacting us or you can leave a message on our company mail id.



    If you are planning to upgrade to the LED displays it would be a great decision and it will also save lost of money. LED lights to consume a very little amount of energy throughout the day and can last up 50,000 hrs. Normal video display with Incandescent bulb consumes 60 watts whereas LED display consumes only 10 watts. This is the reason most of the people in India are replacing their old display with the new LED technology.


    As we all know LED produce the brightest light compare to the other lights. LED emit light whereas other traditional solutions reflect light. LED are 3.4 times brighter than the other ambient light. When we see the comparison between the LED and other lights we can clearly find out that the light that produces by the tradition solution is yellowish in color whereas LED produces the bright light which is white in color. 


    Our LED lighting is manufactured in the sort of way that it permits unlimited configuration and extra layout freedom for your stage design. You can change the display message in an instant with more ease. You can operate our LED displays from a smartphone using the wifi network from anywhere you want. It can be designed in all the shapes and can easily install anywhere you want with the minimum amount of effort.

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