Industrial data display board

Industrial Displays

Durability and ruggedness are crucial in industrial applications. In light of this, PixelDiode has consistently concentrated on offering the best and most durable solutions appropriate for industrial applications.

These industrial displays’ primary goal is to show online production data and shop floor status. The managers who are worried can use this online information to guide their actions and assist them reach their goals. Important messages are also transmitted through the system.

PixelDiode has always created top-notch solutions for industrial applications that can endure the harsh industrial environment and circumstances without needing any maintenance or problem. In an industrial setting, where conditions are different from those in a typical context, these displays perform better and more effectively.


Industries have recognised ANDON Displays and Production display boards as reliable management tools. The production data and status of the machine, line, or process are displayed using ANDON Displays.

These displays aid production and shop floor managers in determining where to focus their efforts in order to maximise the productivity of their production lines and shop floor. These ANDONs’ primary goal is to give customers access to online manufacturing data and shop floor status. Information included here includes goals, successes, shift counts, differences, percentages of variance, and efficiency, among other things. The managers who are worried can use this online information to guide their actions and assist them reach their goals. The technique is helpful for quickly displaying and conveying critical information like safety, welfare, and greetings to everyone involved.

PixelDiode is leading manufacturer and supplier of ANDON Display Boards. These boards are of the highest calibre and guarantee superior performance. Additionally, these can be produced according to the specifications provided by our client to satisfy the precise requirements of our prestigious clientele.


  • To show daily and overall Production Target vs. Accomplishment
  • To display the overall number of teams’ and individuals’ achievements to date.
    To represent the amount of production time lost in hours, minutes, days, and months.
  • To display% Variation,% Efficiency, day-by-day-week-by-week-by-month
  • To display welfare and safety messages
  • To show the day’s greetings, such as birthday, welcome, and appraisal messages.
  • Information for today’s visitors about the shop floor


  • Visibility on One Side or Both
  • Applications both inside and outside
  • Alphanumeric and numeric data combined
  • Height of Standard Numeric Digits 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12
  • Additionally possible are customised digit heights.
  • Alarms’ audio indicators
  • Single phase 230 volt AC powered systems
  • RS232, Ethernet, WiFi, RS485, ModBus Serial, MODBUS TCP/IP, CANBUS, PROFINET/PROFIBUS, and Zigbee are examples of communication interfaces.
  • greater transparency thanks to imported acrylic sheet
  • powder coating on MS fabrication
  • Mounting: Hanging or Wall Mounted


Leading producer and provider of synchronized/stand-alone digital clocks to numerous industrial verticals is PixelDiode. Two types of display options are available for our wide selection of digital clocks: bar LED type (module) and discrete LED type.

Depending on their needs and budget, the clients can choose from a variety of solutions. These clocks are available with various digit heights sizes as 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” 12”, 24”.
The digit size can also be manufactured to meet the needs of each individual client.

These timepieces can be roughly divided into

1. A master-slave clock array that is GPS-synchronized

2. A Master-Slave clock array that is synced with an NTP server

3. Stand Alone Clocks

1. A Master-Slave Clock Array Synchronized using GPS

In this category, the master clock will use GPS to obtain the time from a satellite. The time of the master clock is synced with all slave clocks. Any of the following can serve as the connecting interface between the master clock and slave clock:

Communication Interfaces: RS485; Ethernet; and WiFi

2. A Master-Slave clock array that is synchronised by a server

In this group, every clock will function as a slave while the NTP server acts as the master. From the NTP server, all clocks will receive and synchronise their time. Any of the following can act as the connection interface between an NTP server and a slave clock:

Ethernet and WiFi are communication interfaces.

3. Independent Clock

Where synchronisation between two clocks is not necessary and crucial, stand-alone clocks are helpful. The time can be set using the keypad on the clock or a computer.

Purposes for clock displays

  • to keep time consistent across the entire organisation.
  • to avoid Time-related misunderstandings.
  • To signal with an audible alert facility whenever necessary, such as during tea or lunchtime.
  • Within Industries
  • in business offices
  • In governmental buildings
  • in educational institutions
  • Within hospitals
  • At Public Locations
  • Specifications
  • 5V/12V/24V D.C. carried out
  • No setting is necessary
  • timekeeping during power outages
  • possibilities for 12/24 hours with Both HH:MM and HH: format in MM:SS
    Separator for blinking between the HH, MM, and SS
  • option for setting the world time (A clock for many counties may be displayed)
  • Available standard digit sizes are 1.5″, 2.3″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″.
  • According to the unique needs of the client, custom sizes can be created.
  • Available standard colours include red, green, and orange.
  • powder coating on MS fabrication
  • Mounting: Hanging or Wall Mounted

Parameter showing

Monitoring several indicators is a crucial component in many industry verticals. The ANDON display can show these parameters. These monitors can display any machine or process’s parameters. Temperature, Humidity, Level, Flow, Weight, Pressure, Force, RPM, Speed, Current, Voltage, Counter, and many other characteristics can be displayed.

Many different industry verticals are served by PixelDiode’s Parameter Display Solutions. These displays can be made to order and can accept inputs from third-party Data logger/Analyzer systems, client-owned equipment, or Axis data loggers. There are many different sorts of inputs or communication interfaces that can be used with these displays.

  • Input Techniques / (Communication Protocols)
  • Analog input range: 4–20 mA
  • Various ranges for analogue voltage input
  • Digital Input Pulse
  • RS232, Ethernet, WiFi, RS485, ModBus Serial, MODBUS TCP/IP, CANBUS, and PROFINET/PROFIBUS protocols are used for digital data input.


  • Procedural industries
  • In Pharmaceutical Businesses
  • In refrigerators
  • In milk chillers and dairies
  • For the Food Industry
  • In steel mills and foundries

Display of Weather and Air Quality

The current moment calls for raising awareness regarding environmental and natural resource preservation. Monitoring air quality and making it visible to the public at various public locations and traffic lights can have a positive impact on reducing pollution.

To express these Weather and Air Quality characteristics, PixelDiode offers a variety of specially created Display Solutions. These boards can also be used to display scrollings of various messages, such as those related to public and road safety, pollution control, and general and social awareness. These displays can also capture data from air parameter and pollution analyzers, and they have the potential to display online parameters.

Any of the following can be used as the protocol Interface with Pollution Parameter Analyzers.

RS232, Ethernet, WiFi, RS485, ModBus Serial, MODBUS TCP/IP, CANBUS, PROFINET/PROFIBUS, and Zigbee are examples of communication interfaces.