Commercial LED Display Scrolling Board
February 21, 2021
P4 Indoor LED Fixed Video Wall RGB with WiFi/LAN
February 21, 2021
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Big Advertising Billboard Display

  1. Brightness, Display speed, Letter font and letter size are adjustable
  2. Programming Mobile app Operate through WiFi Available in
  3. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White
  4. Multiple Language Supported
  5. USB +wifi Support: Win8/Winxp/ Win7/ W10 Android phone
  6. Made for outdoor fully waterproof

General Information:
The P10 single color is a high brightness, lower power consumption, long lifetime display module. Designed for semi-outdoor use.
 1/4 duty scan drive
 Brightness:3500nits to 4500nits
 Max Power Consumption: 20W
 DC 5V Voltage Input
 Constant Voltage Drive
 IP65 Waterproof
 1W Pixel Configuration
 High Viewing Angle
 High Contrast Ratio with a perfect louver/cover

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